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Tailored solutions according to your requirements.


We manage your transactions.


We offer customised solutions to your financing needs. is specialised in mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance in the renewable energy sector, and advises clients globally on energy infrastructure and clean tech.

We offer our customers advice in all aspects along the value chain, guiding them in developing an investment strategy, from transactions to portfolio management.
Our clients include institutional investors, asset managers, utilities, start-ups, project developers and industrial organisations.

Providing comprehensive expertise in the areas of funding, technology and market intelligence, our consultancy has an excellent network of investors, project developers, banks, business enterprises and technology companies.

Recognising that each customer´s approach to the energy industry is individual, we customise our consulting service, providing tailored solutions to meet each of their specific requirements.

About us

We are advising clients globally on energy infrastructure and clean tech.

We oversee new markets on a regular basis. We know how to successfully initiate business, develop leads and how to bring transactions to a successful closing.

  • Experience

    Our team combined has more than 40 years of experience

  • Value for Money

    Compared to the market we offer best price-performance ratio