Our Services

esmera is specialised in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and corporate finance in the renewable energy sector and advises clients globally on energy infrastructure and cleantech.

As a consulting company with focus on renewables, esmera is able to support you in all strategic and business development issues.

Providing comprehensive expertise in the areas of funding, technology and market intelligence, our consultancy has an excellent network of investors, project developers, banks, business enterprises and technology companies.

Buy-side Advisory support and advice on investment process: defining the investment strategy, strategic allocation and asset sourcing, valuation, due diligence, negotiation to asset and portfolio management.

Sell-side Advisory support: distinguished by our excellent network of investors we prepare sales documents, identify suitable buyers and manage the entire transaction process on behalf of our clients.

Financing: our experience and first-rate network enables us to provide our customers with favoured access to banks and other investors.

M&A Sell-Side

Due to our excellent network, within investment groups – particularly institutional investors, utilities, fund and asset managers, family offices as well as private banks – we are able to offer our clients an efficient and bespoke sales process.

We determine the optimal sales strategy in agreement with our clients, prepare professional sales documents and assure a sales process optimised to achieve the maximum revenue potential.


M&A Buy-Side

esmera can draw upon a vast network and offers its clients access to attractive investment opportunities in various technologies and countries. We maintain close contact to project developers, utilities, independent power producers, manufacturers and investors. This allows us to identify and acquire best-suited investment opportunities that dovetail the investment strategy of our clients.

Following a strict process using proven business and integrated financial models, we evaluate and benchmark all potential investment opportunities, with exemplary success. This demonstrated method of developing the most appropriate buy-side approach to renewable energy for our clients has resulted in transactions for institutional investors, asset managers, utilities and project developers.



Having evaluated numerous projects over the years, we have gathered valuable experiences within the field of financing projects with debt and mezzanine. Our financing model enables us to determine the maximum financing capacity as well as the optimal financing plan for a project or an asset. Additionally, we determine the financing structures best suited to your project’s requirements.

Our experience and first-rate network enables us to provide our customers with favoured access to banks and other Investors.



We are a consulting firm for the European energy markets. We are successful in our core business M&A and finance as we know how to deal with all related topics, too.

As such we also deliver interdisciplinary and management consulting services. 

Our value proposition: