Our Philosophy

es•me•ra means „accomplish to perfection“

We understand the importance and necessity of transitioning from inherited energy infrastructures to renewable infrastructures. The necessary change from our inherited energy infrastructure to renewable forms of energy, e-mobility and cleantech requires enormous investments.

We not only see the opportunity to lay the groundwork for attractive investment opportunities and promising business ideas, but also see ourselves as being a proactive and a diligent service provider and as an independent partner of our clients. esmera identifies itself wholeheartedly with the needs and goals of its clients.

Therefore, we only take on ventures, if both our professional interests and our experience match the requirements of our clients.

In the first instance every client’s requirement undergoes a sound analysis and honest feedback, aimed at developing an optimal solution for their project. We seek to develop and nurture long-term relationships with our clients, based on quality, transparency and trust. es•me•ra is a Romance word stem meaning „dedicated to its heart“ or „accomplish to perfection” (port. esmerar).

es•me•ra is also associated with the emerald one of the most precious gems (port. la esmeralda).


Our logo is inspired by the dandelion and a metaphor for renewable energy and the power of the wind.

Likewise, the logo is deeply connected to our company name: arranged in accordance with the Fibonacci sequence it strives for perfection, too.

The harmonic set-up of our logo’s dots refers to the second part of our name and stands for partnership and unity.